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Amazing SovTechians
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Our culture

Somebody suggested we build our own currency. So we did.

We take culture seriously. Seriyaas! So do our people, because at the end of the day the culture is us. From Foosball festivals and our own currency (named after a Mexican food) to annual Hackathons and Beleafers (people who just love plants) - if it gets people together, we're all for it.

We love autonomy
We build our culture around enabling people to not only decide what the best tech stack is for a product or how best to run user testing, but also how to be apart of and contribute to our cultural evolution.
Location doesn’t matter to us
We've been digital for years! Our processes are remote-first, but we still like the idea of offices here and there... Some even have pools on the roof! But our teams are everywhere, and it works great. Where our people are, we build communities.
Our culture
Our hiring process

What does applying look like?

Find out if our teams think your skills match up to our standards.
We also made it quick and easy.

Get to know each other
Share your info with us and our culture team will do a preliminary assessment on YOU. If we think it’s a good match, we’ll setup a quick 15-minute call.
Show us your skills
Depending on what you do and what you send us, we’ll look for ways to showcase your skills internally to the teams looking to hire you.
Meet some SovTechians
We love getting to know people! Online, in person, sometimes people even join us for drinks on Friday. Either way, we want to meet you and understand you better.
Featured roles

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Growth @ SovTech

People say you grow twice as fast here.

We reward long-term development and professional growth. We have set things up so that ambitious people have a clear path to rapid growth, coupled with awesome support along the way.

Levels and career paths
We've worked out what it takes to be epic at every role, as well as the routes you can walk on your path to greatness.
Upskill your heart out
We have best-in-breed platforms to support growth in different areas, including our own learning paths. Boo to you Udemy! We think can do better.
Leaders and mentors
Our founder-run leadership and mentorship programs are designed to (again) give you all you can eat in terms of growth. We want you to lead the best out there!
Our culture
Sovtech spex

Our values and principles

Growing a business is team work. At SovTech, our values influence every decision we make.
We don’t value perfection over moving fast.
We are partners to our customers. We don’t expect to exist and realise we only do because of our clients.
We get things done. We don’t value how something is done only that it is.
We don't apologise for holding strong opinions and doing something about them.
We work with people we like. We don’t hire assholes even if they can do the job the best.
Just like your seat, these Spex will change. We think if we are not willing to change then we will die.
We value growth. We don't value effort over achievement.
We don’t believe that tech can’t solve everything and change the world.
We are proud to be a world-class, global company.

Don't just take our word for it

This is what our team has to say.


Product design
"I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a dynamic and rewarding work environment that offers ample opportunities for growth, development and exposure to high-profile clients."


Quality assurance lead
"Not only does the company offer growth, support, great leadership, constant innovation and collaboration and so much more, but what stands out most for me, are the people that I get to work with.


Software engineer
"Joining SovTech has been the greatest career decision I’ve ever made. The environment is supportive and collaborative, with a focus on open communication and transparency. Overall, working at SovTech is an exciting and rewarding experience."


Software engineer
"It's been over a year since I was granted an opportunity to work at SovTech and I'm still happy, there's a lot to learn and variety of tech stack to work with... it is a great environment & culture, and superb people."


Software engineer
"This once-junior developer has become a seasoned pro, a master of their craft, and a beloved member of the Sovtech family. May your code always be clean, your bugs always be few, your coffee cup always be full and keep an arsenal of memes to break the tension."


Software engineer
"I joined SovTech as a fresh computer science graduate with little experience in the software industry. However, my time at SovTech has been nothing short of exceptional. The company culture is inclusive, supportive, and collaborative, which made the transition from a student to a professional software developer seamless."
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