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General Questions

What does SovTech do?

Trusted by 400+ companies, SovTech helps businesses scale with our cloud-based engineering subscription platform, offering consistent, cost-effective software development, expert teams and reliable developer analytics.

What are SovTech's global phone numbers?

London, United Kingdom: (+44) 20 3998 9611

Johannesburg, South Africa: (+27) 010 865 0161

Cape Town, South Africa: (+27) 021 205 2877

Where is the office located?

JHB: 74 Hillcrest Avenue, Blairgowrie, Randburg

CT: 187 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock, 7915

UK: 8 Hermitage St, Paddington, W2 1BE

KE: The Mirage Towers, Nairobi, 0800

Get Started

How do I start a project?

The first step to becoming a client of SovTech is clicking on the Start-a-Project button.

This is the easiest way to get our team dialled into your needs and provide the fastest solution back to you. We only require the basic details around what you want before our team of product experts makes contact with you.

This system allows our team to provide a timely and accurate service to our clients.

What happens once I've submitted a form with my contact details?

When you have submitted your project, our product experts will take the reins.

The process involves a meeting to establish the finer details of what you would like. This will be setup with you personally shortly after you have submitted your project.

You will then receive a solution overview of how we would go about taking on the project.

Then you will receive a master service agreement (MSA) as to exactly what will go into the project timeline and budgets. Once you have signed the MSA, we go to work.

How much information is required to start a project?

We don't have one set amount of information needed to start a project. You tell us what kind of service you think you'd like and we take it from there.

Your idea can be fully mapped out or it could just be an idea in your head.

How do I manage my project?

You will have a dedicated project manager who will be your main point of contact during the software development phase. Your dashboard will be pulling live data to show project progress along with daily updated notes from project managers on the status of your project. Enjoy this all on one digital platform.

Who can I speak to once my project is underway?

Once your project has begun you will have a dedicated project manager who you can liaise with. They will keep you up to date regarding your project.

Billing and Invoices

How often will I be charged?

You will be charged monthly on the 20th.

What payment methods are accepted?

EFT or Debit Order

How much are SovTech's Subscriptions?

Once the project has been scoped by our sales team, they will suggest a subscription model that best fits you requirements, budgets and timelines

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