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Goodfirms content writer, Anna Stark, gives her review on SovTech - The best software company in Africa

October 19, 2023
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Being a tech-enabled business, your company always seeks assistance from a flexible partner firm to build, deploy, iterate, and support your software systems. Whether you are giving a pinch to an existing project or starting a new venture, taking the help of a bespoke software development partner will definitely benefit you in the long run. SovTech will benefit you in this regard.

is an absolutely trusted partner for the businesses seeking software and mobile assistance. It has emerged as an amazing mobile app development company serving in diverse arenas to supply qualitative mobile and web based applications from 2012. Many leading enterprises, FinTechs, and startups rely on SovTech for bespoke software engineering and end-to-end solutions.

In the UK, the market size of the app development industry has grown by 18.8% in the past 5 years. Out of approximately 8,000 app development companies in the entire United Kingdom, 31% are located in the capital city, London. This confirms that the city hosts the world's best IT service providers and supplies best quality app development services keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the mobile users.

Over 380,000 app developers, admins, and market people involved in the UK’s app industry collaborate together to build the scalable
and reliable app products that fulfill the guidelines of the app store and app market along with maintaining the interest of the users.

One among those trusted service providers, SovTech designs and builds custom-made mobile, web, and cloud software solutions that help the businesses to grow. A decade of success in this field has enabled the company to understand how software systems work across industries and what role platform growth and development capacity play in successfully serving its clients.

The company holds expertise in multiple disciplines and involves technical enthusiasts with elite and varied development experience. More than 200 iPhone, Android, and web app developers constantly work towards bringing life to your dream app. Simple functionality, engaging UX, and scalability features makes the beautifully crafted and innovatively designed apps solve the purpose of their evolution. The company excels in developing cross-functional and hybrid apps of all types and for all types of businesses.

Successfully serving over 500+ clients across the globe and over 1,200+ projects delivered, SovTech confidently backs all of its partner companies to move from startup to growth scale. The company is recognised and appreciated globally for its magnified performance and abilities to treat its clients efficiently. It is ranked as a top mobile app development company in London in GoodFirms which is a leading review and rating platform. A client review displayed below is the proof of how SovTech treats and values its clients and earns respect for its work worldwide.

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