The Sovtech spex

Our culture is underpinned by 8 weird words.

Earth’s leading software company from Africa- that's where we're going. Our Spex help us get there.
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We believe that tech can solve the world’s problems.
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We embrace change! If we are not willing to change then we will die.
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We value speed over perfection,
just like Zuck & Facebook.
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Found a shortcut? Automated your job with AGentGPT? We LOVE that!
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We work with people we actually like, as people.
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We care about weird things, and we like it that way. 
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We believe Africa can lead a World-class tech revolution.
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We work together with our customers to achieve things. 
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We work with people we actually like, as people.
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We care about weird things, and we like it that way. 

We’ve picked up some weird events along the way.

This list of events is growing as our team locations grow! Our Fluid team helps grow communities through meetups and events wherever SovTechians are. 
SovTech employees playing foos

A foosball festival

We hold an annual Foosball Festival across all our Guilds. Winners get a ridiculous trophy. Second place an even funnier one.
SovTech employees

A 24 hour hackathon

Join a team near you and build a product business in 24 hours. Live bands, DJ’s, friends and family- everyone’s involved!

Annual year-end retreat

Every year we go away together as a company. We’ve been doing it for 10 years, and counting

Our Fluid team is all about communities.

Whether there are 3 of you, 10 of you, or 100 of you - our Fluid team is there to support you. Equipment, events in your areas, and more.
Fluid Clubs of all shapes and sizes, both online and in real life. We're big believers in collisions between people.
Fluid Week happens every year where we close our offices and force everyone out into the wild.
Other top secret stuff we can't tell you about here. Hint: Future working models.
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Sovtech sessions

On Fridays people talk about their passions.

Nobody wants to work at 4pm on a Friday, so why fight it? We're always on the hunt for speakers that tickle our brains. Maybe you? 
Devchats features people talking about stuff they've been playing with. AI much? 
Design Corners is more product focused and is often delivered in a figma prototype.
Wellness is a common theme focusing on how to be and feel better in life. #LPT
Guests come and speak to us about everything from EdTech, Blockchain, AI & more.
Employee perks

We do things that we think people want. Simple.

Retirement Annuity? We'd rather give you bitcoin. Extra time with your new child? We encourage it. Want to buy your own laptop? We can help with that! Our CFO also offers free tax advice if you poke him hard enough. What else should we do? That's how we got here!
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Medical aid, brought to you by Discovery (the best!).
Get a half-day on your Birthday. Enjoy your lunch!
Our own rewards currency that you can redeem for goodies.
Everyone gets Apple hardware- it's just better like that.
Maternity/Paternity benefits from the day you join.
Free bitcoin (What?!) if you opt for a portion of your salary in it.
We are always hiring!

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