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SovTech is staying ahead of the pack by using cutting-edge technology and cloud software services to maintain and support your software.
Software needs to be maintained to correct faults, bugs and issues and to improve performance. Our support and maintenance allows us to continuously improve your software every month.
Scalable, secure & future proof: by opting for our support and maintenance services, you ensure consistent and ongoing improvements to your software, month after month.
This proactive approach not only optimises functionality but also extends the life and effectiveness of your software, ensuring it continues to meet evolving business needs and technological advancements.
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Value for money software maintenance by our skilled development teams

Our expert development teams, equipped with specialised expertise and in-depth industry insights, are committed to elevating any of your software projects. Making use of cutting-edge technologies and agile practices, we not only revitalise your existing software but, we also enhance its scalability and technical sophistication.

This approach ensures your software not only aligns with current industry standards but is also future-ready, providing a firm foundation for your evolving business needs.

Maintaining, scaling and continuously improving software

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Phase 1 - High Level Code Analysis:
This initial phase is a complimentary service where our development team will conduct a high-level examination of your existing code and software. Based on this investigation, we then provide recommendations for the next steps. This stage may also include the option of a paid code audit, depending on the specific needs of the project and client preference.
Phase 2 - In-depth Code Audit
If a more in-depth analysis is necessary, we also offer a paid audit service. This step involves a detailed evaluation of the software to identify any underlying issues or areas for improvement.
Phase 3 - Analysis and Execution
Once the in-depth audit is complete, we then advise on the most effective course of action. This could include suggestions for a subscription model, proposing an optimal team structure, and recommending strategies for future development. This advice is tailored to the complexity and specific requirements of the work needed, ensuring a bespoke solution for each client and each project.

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This is what our global clients have to say.
Customer relationship expert
"As an organisation with limited experience in independent development, our project was incredibly successful thanks to the guidance and professionalism of the SovTech project and development teams. We were supported throughout the robust and purpose-driven process, and clear channels for open communication were established. The SovTech team often pre-empted and identified solutions and enhancements to our project, going over and above to make it a success."
“As a startup, I was looking to work with a flexible and reliable software development company that could help turn my vision into a reality. Working with SovTech from initial design conception to final build has exceeded all expectations. Their professionalism, broad range of expertise, and continuous client engagement has left me feeling confident that I picked the right development partner.”
Project Lead
“Really excited- I can’t wait to see the platform being used. The pressure is now on the engineering team to deliver! I’m delighted, I think SovTech is fantastic! ”
CEO & Co-founder
”I have been impressed with SovTech’s offering and agile mindset; the subscription packages allow us to easily move between tiers and as our needs have evolved, it has been incredibly convenient to adjust the subscription to meet our demands. This flexibility has been a game-changer for our business. Over and above this, one of their key strengths is the amazing team members who have brought passion and creativity to our project, with enthusiasm and commitment. They have been a joy to work with and I look forward to the continued partnership.”
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Product manager
"The SovTech project and development teams are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Open communication channels and commitment to deliver against deadlines ensures successful delivery against requirements. Their willingness to go beyond what is required and technical expertise and advise resulted in a world class product that we are extremely proud to take to market."
1st Man
"Without the help of SovTech my 10 year plan would still be a dream. The SovTech team have taken my business to a level I thought was 5 years away and they made it look easy. The vision that I had was emulated perfectly, with a foundation built for scalability, showing that SovTech are looking to create long term partnerships that go far beyond the initial build."
Aesara Partners
"SovTech has been Aesara Partner's tech provider for the past few years; and with the development support provided by the SovTech team, our various platforms have evolved. Throughout the developing journey, SovTech has been able to provide us with a team to match our needs for that point in time.”
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Anora Technologies
Project Lead
“SovTech's capabilities are unquestionable and the company operates in a well structured manner.”
Votex system
Votex Systems
Managing Director
“My project planning was straight forward, and all deliverables were discussed and planned out properly. I will be moving forward to engage SovTech for projects.”

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Further queries? Get in touch with us. We’re happy to answer them.

Trusted by 400+ companies, SovTech helps businesses scale with our cloud-based engineering subscription platform, offering consistent, cost-effective software development, expert teams and reliable developer analytics. With 12 years of trailblazing delivery across 5 global offices and an 8,000-strong talent pool, SovTech is the top English-speaking partner for growth-focused companies, agencies and enterprises. Proudly born out of Africa, SovTech is now shaping the future of global software development.

SovTech is here to ensure the your team is happy and performing. We offer quality development teams at a cost effective rate utilising African talent to help scale your business. The SovTech policy is for our talent to work on pushing user stories into production on a sprint by sprint basis. We help balance time spent with output, all while ensuring quality. We incentivise our team members on performance and expect nothing less.

What are the difference's between SovTech services on offer?
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Premium Teams: This is a premium service offered by SovTech, that offers you the ability to focus on your business while SovTech takes care of your development requirements. Its a fully outsourced service where SovTech will run your entire SDLC from start to finish. We utilise Agile Development Methodologies to ensure quick turnaround and tangible value by deploying quality user stories into production every 2 weeks, consistently. Your product, our delivery.

Staff Augmentation: Select your quality talent from our vetted 8000+ strong talent pool, let them join and scale your team remotely, in office or through a hybrid model. The talent selected by you will run your processes and work within your business tools and methodologies in order to gain direct oversight over your team. All at a fraction of the cost and time of doing this yourself. Save on recruitment fees, save on making the wrong hire and save on time spent searching when you could be using that to focus on your business.

SovTech Analytics: This is a platform based SaaS tool that allows you to see into development efforts at a click of a button. SovTech will link this to your code repo's and track developer efficiency, helping identify where long term improvements to developer output can be made.

We offer upfront payments or 30 day payments with a selected frequency of monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on what best suits your business.

We offer you access to more than just a development team, you can select a team that encompasses all your SDLC needs, from designers, business analysts, project managers and scrum coaches. Request it and we can build a team for you from the ground up.

The minimum subscription commitment is dependant on your package. You can either subscribe to a flexible contract that offers a minimum of 6 months, or a fixed term commitment of one year.

The one year commitment comes at a significant cost reduction as we at SovTech believe in and want to nurture longer term relationships and have found that software development over time is best used to meet your ongoing development needs.

Our dedicated team will deepen it's knowledge and understanding of your needs and preference; the longer you work with SovTech the more value you're able to get.

SovTech focusses on selecting top tier quality talent in Africa. We have operational offices in 3 cities across the continent and continuously growing. The 8000+ talent has been vetted, tested, interviewed and screened to ensure we adhere to our promise of cost effective, quality talent.

Yes you will have a dedicated Account Manager and a dedicated HR manager to help navigate any questions, queries or performance issues you might have.

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Bridging Educational Gaps in Africa with Mobile Learning

Explore how mobile learning is changing education in Africa, addressing the educational divide, and using mobile technology to transform educational paradigms.
October 24, 2022
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