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Hire a development team that specialises in scalable and reliable, bespoke mobile app solutions, driving cost-effective innovation and growth for your business.
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Our scalable approach to app development

We excel in crafting mobile apps, offering significant benefits:
Industry-tailored mobile apps: Custom mobile applications for diverse sectors, ensuring each app aligns with your market and business objectives.
Scalable, secure & future proof: Your app will be meticulously built for scalability, fortified with robust security measures & designed with future foresight.
Cutting-edge agile development: Utilising the latest technologies and agile methods, we deliver high-quality, mobile applications rapidly to suit dynamic business needs.
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Mobile app development by our expert development teams

Our dedicated development teams bring specialised skills and deep industry knowledge to each mobile app project. Harnessing the latest technologies and agile methodologies, we deliver tailored mobile app solutions that align with your strategic goals.
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Comprehensive app development
Expertise in both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring versatile and high-performing mobile applications.
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Cross-platform solutions
Developing apps with seamless functionality across multiple devices and operating systems.
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UI/UX design and backend integration
Crafting intuitive user interfaces coupled with robust backend development for a complete app solution.
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Quality assurance and ongoing Support
Rigorous testing for reliability and continuous support to keep your app up-to-date and efficient.
our process

Streamlined development for superior mobile apps

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1. Design
Your product designer will craft visually appealing prototypes of your mobile application. With technical oversight, we ensure your app is designed with technical functionality in mind.
2. Development
Your team of experienced software engineers will bring the design to life, using the latest technologies to build a robust and scalable app that solves your business problem.
3. Quality assurance
Our QA testers rigorously check your app to ensure it functions seamlessly, with a focus on identifying and fixing any bugs.
4. Deployment
Let us handle the deployment process, releasing your platform into app stores with our direct routes to market, ensuring ease of access for your users.
5. Maintenance
Post-launch, SovTech’s maintenance team offers ongoing hosting and support, keeping your app updated and running smoothly.
6. Continuous growth
Scale your team size up or down to support your business growth. Get the expertise and resources you need to grow your business.

Don't just take our word for it

This is what our global clients have to say.
Customer relationship expert
"As an organisation with limited experience in independent development, our project was incredibly successful thanks to the guidance and professionalism of the SovTech project and development teams. We were supported throughout the robust and purpose-driven process, and clear channels for open communication were established. The SovTech team often pre-empted and identified solutions and enhancements to our project, going over and above to make it a success."
“As a startup, I was looking to work with a flexible and reliable software development company that could help turn my vision into a reality. Working with SovTech from initial design conception to final build has exceeded all expectations. Their professionalism, broad range of expertise, and continuous client engagement has left me feeling confident that I picked the right development partner.”
Project Lead
“Really excited- I can’t wait to see the platform being used. The pressure is now on the engineering team to deliver! I’m delighted, I think SovTech is fantastic! ”
CEO & Co-founder
”I have been impressed with SovTech’s offering and agile mindset; the subscription packages allow us to easily move between tiers and as our needs have evolved, it has been incredibly convenient to adjust the subscription to meet our demands. This flexibility has been a game-changer for our business. Over and above this, one of their key strengths is the amazing team members who have brought passion and creativity to our project, with enthusiasm and commitment. They have been a joy to work with and I look forward to the continued partnership.”
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Product manager
"The SovTech project and development teams are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Open communication channels and commitment to deliver against deadlines ensures successful delivery against requirements. Their willingness to go beyond what is required and technical expertise and advise resulted in a world class product that we are extremely proud to take to market."
1st Man
"Without the help of SovTech my 10 year plan would still be a dream. The SovTech team have taken my business to a level I thought was 5 years away and they made it look easy. The vision that I had was emulated perfectly, with a foundation built for scalability, showing that SovTech are looking to create long term partnerships that go far beyond the initial build."
Aesara Partners
"SovTech has been Aesara Partner's tech provider for the past few years; and with the development support provided by the SovTech team, our various platforms have evolved. Throughout the developing journey, SovTech has been able to provide us with a team to match our needs for that point in time.”
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Anora Technologies
Project Lead
“SovTech's capabilities are unquestionable and the company operates in a well structured manner.”
Votex system
Votex Systems
Managing Director
“My project planning was straight forward, and all deliverables were discussed and planned out properly. I will be moving forward to engage SovTech for projects.”

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Frequently asked questions

Quick answers on what some of our other clients have asked about SovTech's services and solutions

Why is flexibility important in Software Development
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Flexibility is important for you, our clients, as it ensures that we can adapt to any changes in your project requirements and business needs. With flexibility as a core value in our software development process, we can pivot our approach as needed, respond to feedback, add new features, and optimise performance without causing any major disruptions to the project timeline or budget. This allows us to deliver high-quality software that meets your evolving needs, giving you a competitive edge in your industry.

What makes us flexible?
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With our subscription packages, you have the flexibility to change the type of resource you need with just one month's notice. Whether you need a designer, business analyst, developer, or a different tech stack, we can accommodate your needs. Plus, if you need to reduce your subscription size to fit your budget or time allocation, we've got you covered.

Why Trust SovTech?
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Choosing a software development partner is an important decision that requires trust and confidence. At SovTech, we have built a reputation for delivering exceptional software development services backed by our clients' testimonials and case studies. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, our team of 350 dedicated engineers across 5 global offices has successfully delivered over 1000 software projects to satisfied clients worldwide. Our average NPS of 8.2 is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our focus on customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being the best value for money, providing competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our partnerships with leading companies in various industries further reinforce our expertise in delivering tailored software solutions that solve complex business problems.

How do I start a project?
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The first step to becoming a client of SovTech is to get in touch. This is the easiest way to get our team dialled into your needs and provide the fastest solution back to you.

We only require the basic details around what you want before our team of product experts makes contact with you.

How much information is required to get started?
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We don't have one set amount of information needed to start a project. You tell us what kind of service you think you'd like and we take it from there. Your idea can be fully mapped out or it could just be an idea in your head.

App Development

Android App Development in Low-Bandwidth Areas

Discover how to create Android apps that excel in low-bandwidth areas globally. Ensure accessibility and performance for users with limited connectivity.
September 20, 2023
7 mins

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