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Rooster App Development

The app has already seen success with a whopping 900 downloads in its first week and downloads in a number of countries across the world.

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Written by
Ed Vincent
Published on
November 7, 2022

SovTech Develops Rooster  

Introducing the Social Alarm Clock App that Revolutionises the Wake-up Experience

Rooster is a mobile app that promises to provide users with an entirely new wake-up experience. Rooster is a social alarm clock that transforms mornings and makes people excited to wake up by providing them with a fully customisable wake-up experience. Users can send and receive audio clips and use them as a customised alarm or have the option of waking up to Rooster channels updated daily with fresh content.


The brainchild of Dominic Koenig, Rooster was born out of Dom’s intense hate for his monotonous alarm every morning.

“Most people can relate to that diabolical beeping alarm sound that interrupts the blissful feeling of sleep. I was simply gatvol of waking up to the same annoyance every day and decided to record voice notes of my sister talking in hilariously stupid accents and listen to those when I woke up. Eventually, I got tired of listening to the same few voice notes though and wondered how cool it would be if she could send me fresh audio…as a surprise. And so the Rooster egg was laid.”


Along with Josh Perry, his business partner and friend, and with the support of the Allan Grey Orbis Foundation, the pair approached SovTech to develop their idea into a user-friendly mobile application. SovTech saw huge potential for the Rooster concept and the team’s passion behind the project was entirely contagious.


With SovTech’s elite development team, they took the simple concept of a mobile alarm and integrated it with the ability to record and share personalized audio clips to be used as an alarm tone. Head of development at SovTech, Andrew Chouler, notes, “The team has had to overcome some complex technical difficulty during the development process but it is not every day that you come across an application with such a strong viral nature and so building for the user whilst maintaining simplicity has been critical and we are very happy with the outcome of the MVP and look forward to the exciting features we will be integrating”


Powered by the dream to re-invent people’s mornings and personalise the experience of waking up, the Rooster team have successfully turned Dom’s idea into an exciting new application which is available in both Android and iOS app stores. The app has already seen success with a whopping 900 downloads in its first week and downloads in a number of countries across the world. It is simple to use with a fresh user interface and the functionality to add friends and record, send and save favourited audios for the duration of an ultra-personalised wake-up. Themed channels which the team updates daily include everything from news to music, meditation and comedy, with immense possibilities for expansion through onboarding new channel content providers.


Will this social alarm clock ensure that no one wakes up on the wrong side of the bed? Absolutely! Dom’s vision is that Rooster will replace dull smartphone alarms and believes that creating a customisable wake-up experience has huge scope for virality.

We are not sure how long it’ll take for the app to become global, but I think we’ll be satisfied once Morgan Freeman wakes us up.”

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