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PPRO: Certified Fintech Unicorns

SovTech case study on how their custom software solutions helped FinTech leader PPRO streamline operations and achieve remarkable growth. Read how!

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Written by
Ed Vincent
Published on
April 2, 2024

PPRO’s Background

PPRO is a financial technology company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with a global presence. Founded in 2006, PPRO empowers businesses and banks to streamline their checkout, acquiring, and risk management services through a single connection.

The company leverages a robust network of partnerships with payment processors, alternative payment providers, and financial institutions around the world. This extensive network which comprises Stripe, Adobe, Paypal, and others, allows PPRO’s clients to offer a wider range of local and alternative payment methods to their customers, increasing conversion rates and expanding their global reach.

Catering to a wide range of industries, PPRO collaborates with leading banks to provide their clients with access to cutting-edge acquisition and risk management solutions.

By providing a centralised platform and expert guidance, PPRO simplifies the complexities of global payments for businesses and banks alike. Their innovative solutions empower clients to navigate the ever-evolving payment landscape and achieve their financial goals.

Opportunities for Growth and Efficiency

PPRO wasn't always a multi-billion dollar unicorn. Not too long ago, their impressive growth trajectory presented a unique challenge – their expansive range of services and client resources, once a source of strength, was becoming difficult to manage and centralise.

This is where SovTech stepped in. As a trusted partner for some of the world's largest and fastest-growing businesses, we understood PPRO's needs perfectly. We had grown alongside other industry giants, applying our core values of affordability, flexibility, and reliability to deliver custom software solutions that fueled their success.

As a result, PPRO's newfound agility and streamlined operations allowed them to capitalise on new market opportunities and solidify their position as a global leader in payment solutions. This success is further underscored by their recent capital raise of €85 million ($93 million), earmarked for expanding their local payments platform and shoring up their global network.

SovTech’s Custom Solution: PPRO Discover

PPRO's growth phase presented a strategic opportunity: to implement a centralised system that could streamline client operations and enhance service delivery. Leveraging SovTech’s expertise, we crafted a custom software solution that did exactly that. It provided PPRO with the tools needed to manage and centralise client resources, ensuring continued efficiency and scalability.

SovTech introduced a dual-track agile methodology to tackle PPRO's challenge, ensuring responsiveness to both business needs and the ever-evolving payments landscape. This approach prioritises value delivery while maintaining flexibility for adjustments. Here's how it worked:

  • Design (Phase 1): We started by collaborating closely with PPRO to understand their specific requirements. This involved creating detailed designs, wireframes, and robust system architecture – the blueprint for PPRO Discover.
  • Build (Phase 2): With a clear roadmap in place, our skilled development team brought PPRO Discover to life using a professional sub-structure. This ensured efficiency and cost-effectiveness, a core tenet of the SovTech value proposition.
  • Deploy & Iterate (Phase 3 & 4): Following a smooth deployment, PPRO Discover was up and running, streamlining client operations. The beauty of the dual-track agile methodology lies in its iterative nature. We continuously gathered feedback from PPRO and their clients, making adjustments and enhancements to optimise the platform's performance. This ongoing cycle ensured that PPRO Discover remained relevant and adaptable to their evolving needs.
  • Maintain (Ongoing): SovTech's dedication extends beyond the initial build. We provide ongoing maintenance to ensure PPRO Discover operates flawlessly, applying security updates and addressing any technical issues that may arise.

Throughout the entire development process, SovTech remained focused on delivering exceptional value. Our dual-track agile approach streamlined development, reducing costs without compromising quality. Additionally, the inherent flexibility of this methodology allowed us to adapt to PPRO's needs as they arose, ensuring the final product perfectly aligned with their vision.

Tech Stack Used in PPRO Discover

PPRO's success demanded a modern and adaptable tech stack to keep pace with industry giants. SovTech, renowned for building future-proof solutions, implemented a strategic selection of technologies to empower PPRO Discover:

Backend: Built for Performance and Scale

  • NodeJS, TypeScript, Express Apollo: This powerful combination delivers a robust backend that can handle complex operations efficiently. Compared to traditional PHP-based solutions often favored by established companies, this tech stack offers superior performance and scalability, crucial for PPRO's ever-growing user base.
  • GraphQL: This efficient data querying language ensures that PPRO and their clients receive only the data they need, optimising performance and user experience. This is a significant advantage over legacy REST APIs that can overwhelm users with unnecessary data.
  • Serverless Framework: Scalability is paramount for PPRO's global reach. The Serverless Framework allows for automatic resource allocation, ensuring PPRO Discover can handle spikes in traffic without compromising performance – a cost-effective advantage over traditional server management.
  • MySQL Database: Transitioning from MongoDB to MySQL provided PPRO Discover with a performance boost, particularly for handling the complex queries required by PPRO's multi-tenant user portal.

Frontend: Intuitive Experience, Advanced Capabilities

  • React and Material UI: This combination creates a user-friendly and responsive interface that is easy for PPRO and their clients to navigate. Compared to older templating languages, React offers a more dynamic and component-based approach, making future maintenance and updates streamlined.
  • Puppeteer: For specific use cases requiring advanced data extraction, Puppeteer empowers PPRO Discover with powerful web scraping capabilities.

Content Management Made Easy: Builder.io

SovTech integrated Builder.io as the Content Management System (CMS) for PPRO Discover. This user-friendly platform allows PPRO to update content dynamically without relying on developers, offering unparalleled flexibility and content control.

Reliable Foundation: AWS Hosting

PPRO Discover is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. This ensures exceptional uptime, scalability, and global reach –  essential qualities for a growing fintech leader like PPRO.

By selecting a modern and strategic tech stack, SovTech empowered PPRO Discover to not only streamline operations but also position PPRO at the forefront of technological innovation within the payments landscape.

Conclusion: PPRO Discover, a Beacon of Innovation

PPRO Discover stands as a testament to the collaborative innovation between PPRO and SovTech. It exemplifies how tailored software solutions can transform business operations, offering centralised control and streamlined processes. For leaders and CFOs in the financial services sector, this case study is a clear example of how embracing technology and partnership can lead to operational excellence and sustained growth.

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