SovTech Trust Policy

Peace of Mind

We provide support and assistance to our clients in the sales, service and accounts processes across our enterprise business software solutions. Easy to use interfaces, leading services and solutions, online documentation, clear communication and reporting, dedicated account managers, single billing point, easy and available support help across email, phone, social media, teleconference and in person.

Count On Peace Of Mind In Development, Deployment And Support.

Our Trust Policy is implemented at every stage of the development cycle

Privacy and Insurance

We provide a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement to our clients which prevents us telling a sole about your new innovations. We also offer fixed price insurance on development and services when required.

Help and Accountability

Your dedicated Account and Project managers provide end-to-end assistance with project deliverables, timely reminders, deadline tracking, payment protection and more. Our team is here to help you.

Security & Support

Our premium short, medium and long term support and SLA services allows your business ultimate peace of mind for your software. We also provide cyber-security and code protection services for internal and external business systems.

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