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SovTech leadership

At SovTech, we embody leadership that drives innovation, ensuring our solutions are not only cost-effective and scalable but also reliable. Our management approach fosters a culture of excellence, where visionary leadership meets technology to create impactful, sustainable growth for businesses worldwide.

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SovTech leadership

Our leaders

Our leadership team at SovTech is the cornerstone of our success, bringing diverse experiences and a shared commitment to delivering scalable and reliable tech solutions. They guide our mission to provide cost-effective services without compromising quality, empowering our clients to achieve their strategic objectives.

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SovTech leadership

Training and support

At SovTech, we invest in our leaders through rigorous training and support programs, ensuring they are equipped to offer scalable and reliable solutions. Our comprehensive approach enhances their ability to drive cost-effective innovations, fostering a resilient and adaptable organisation.

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Join over 400+ companies already growing with SovTech.

SovTech is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Their willingness to go beyond and technical expertise and advise resulted in a world class product that we are extremely proud to take to market.

— Product manager
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Really excited- I can’t wait to see the platform being used. The pressure is now on the engineering team to deliver! I’m delighted, I think SovTech is fantastic!

— Project lead
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As an organisation with limited experience in independent development, our project was incredibly successful thanks to the guidance and professionalism of the SovTech project and development teams.

— Customer relationship expert
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Leadership at SovTech

Leadership springboard

The SovTech Leadership Springboard program is designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders focusing on developing skills that ensure the delivery of cost-effective, scalable, and reliable technological solutions.

This program offers a blend of mentorship, strategic project experience, and leadership training, aimed at equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to excel in high-stakes environments and drive the company's future success.

Through this initiative, SovTech reinforces its commitment to nurturing talent and promoting a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

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Our values and principles

Growing a business is team work. At SovTech, our values influence every decision we make.
We don’t value perfection over moving fast.
We are partners to our customers. We don’t expect to exist and realise we only do because of our clients.
We get things done. We don’t value how something is done only that it is.
We don't apologise for holding strong opinions and doing something about them.
We work with people we like. We don’t hire assholes even if they can do the job the best.
Just like your seat, these Spex will change. We think if we are not willing to change then we will die.
We value growth. We don't value effort over achievement.
We don’t believe that tech can’t solve everything and change the world.
We are proud to be a world-class, global company.

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