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Order and Delivery tracking app

To ensure seamless integrations with their current systems, a mobile app was built to streamline processes and improve customer experiences.

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Written by
Dean Spooner
Published on
September 5, 2023


This company relied on its own internal system to service retail clients. However, limited integration prevented real-time order tracking and status updates for customers. This caused two key issues:

  • Customers were dissatisfied with the order tracking process. Without self-service options, they flooded the company's customer service with repeated status inquiry calls.
  • The company's service team was overwhelmed. They lacked visibility into driver locations and order statuses. This made it difficult to respond to customer queries.

To address these challenges, SovTech built a custom mobile app that integrated with the company's SAP infrastructure which enabled:

  • Real-time order tracking for customers via self-service. 
  • Live status updates from drivers to management.

The integrated mobile app improved customer satisfaction by providing easy self-service order tracking. It also optimised the company's operations by granting management real-time visibility. SovTech's expertise in systems integration and UX design aligned the solution with the company's supply chain needs.

Client’s Challenges & SovTech’s Solutions

Customers were unable to track or follow their orders 

SovTech built a mobile application that enabled real-time order tracking. The app displays current order statuses, previous updates, and possible future status changes. It also provides estimated time of arrival notifications directly to customers. By developing this transparent system, SovTech addressed these customer communication issues and eliminated order uncertainty. 

High call volumes regarding order queries.

SovTech modernised the status inquiry system with a mobile app. Merchandisers could now digitally track orders on demand, reducing inbound calls. By developing this self-service order tracking capability, SovTech enabled fast, convenient status access for customers. Additionally, it improved the customer experience by decreasing the service centre’s workload. 

The admin team needed to bridge the gap between merchandisers and the company's internal systems.

SovTech built a mobile order-tracking app integrated with the company's SAP system. The automated solution empowers merchandisers with on-demand status access. By developing this digital modernisation, SovTech enabled customer self-service and optimised the company's operations. The mobile app provided real-time visibility into order statuses and locations. This automated key processes that were previously managed through time-consuming manual work.

Lack of driver tracking and delivery visibility slowed delivery operations.

To address these challenges, SovTech implemented a geolocation feature integrated with Google. Administrators could now actively track driver locations and statuses. With this proactive approach, the company could get ahead of potential delays and address issues before they hinder deliveries. This allowed their administration team to shift from reactive damage control to proactive monitoring. 

Unverified drivers and users posed a security risk to the company's ecosystem.

To empower seamless operations, SovTech collaborated with the company to develop an innovative multi-factor log-in system. Users enter validated ID numbers and receive unique OTP codes for verification. By implementing this authentication solution with layered ID and OTP validation, SovTech enabled secure verification of the drivers and users on the platform. The log-in bolstered visibility across the company's ecosystem while protecting sensitive data against unauthorised access risks. 

In addition to the above, SovTech also developed a centralised admin portal in order to enable the company's team to effectively manage the mobile app’s operations. In other words, the team managed all the orders, customers, and drivers alike via the admin portal, with any updates made from there reflecting on the mobile app.

Project Approach

SovTech utilises an agile development approach called dual track. Dual track integrates engineers early to validate the feasibility of the design. Our cross-functional teams work in iterations, building and releasing smaller features faster. Developers build new features while designers strategise for upcoming iterations. This parallel workflow fosters collaboration to meet changing client needs.

For this company, we leveraged their existing SAP platform and focused engineering hours upfront. The team consisted of 2 full-time developers, allocating an estimated 40% of their hours to design and 40% to development. The remaining percentage went to a dedicated product strategist for long-term planning. While dual track is a new process for SovTech, the company's project demonstrated its ability to optimise major initiatives. Efforts were split proportionately between roles to maximise productivity. As we continue expanding dual-track, we expect to see continued gains in efficiency and client satisfaction.

Our dual-track approach starts with collaboration between developers and designers on requirements and infrastructure. Once the foundation is set, the team expands to focus on creating a minimal viable product. Core features are prioritised to deliver maximum value early on. Strategic role rotation balances workloads, fully utilising each team member’s unique skills and expertise. With synchronised development and design, SovTech aims to streamline the software creation and deployment process.

SovTech's Dual-track Design and Development process

Tech Stack

Admin Portal


Vite-react, Chakra-UI


AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito



Mobile App


React Native, Expo


AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito



By choosing technologies that integrate seamlessly with SAP, including React Native, AWS, and Cognito, SovTech delivered an intuitive mobile interface and robust backend that enhanced this company's existing systems. 

SovTech selected React Native for the mobile application front-end due to its frictionless integration with SAP UI5, the native front-end language of the company's SAP systems. Using React Native improved the mobile user experience while enabling a unified interface with the company's existing infrastructure. AWS Cognito was chosen to enable robust user authentication for access to the company's SAP systems.

Cognito secures the backend API by managing user identities and permissions. AWS hosting provides a reliable, proven infrastructure to deploy the application. AWS integrates tightly with SAP, enabling unified management of the entire technology stack. 


SovTech's dual-track agile approach brought significant value to this business in developing their software solution. The iterative process allowed for tasks to happen at the same time, enabling faster delivery and regular additions of new features every two weeks. This approach can benefit future clients by quickly providing ongoing value throughout development.

The solution itself included a mobile app for drivers and a progressive web app for administrators. This provides offline access and improves performance while reducing data usage without needing installation or app stores. Ultimately, this solution design delivered top-notch service for drivers, the company, and their customers.

While testing continues, SovTech provides continuous integration and delivery until the next feature release, steadily improving the experience. SovTech's focus on iterative delivery and tailored solutions produced great outcomes for this business. This client-focused approach, prioritising regular value realisation, can be applied to deliver exceptional software solutions that meet the unique needs of future clients.

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