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Enhancing Real-Time Order Tracking for Logistics

Discover how SovTech used the agile method to transform a logistics company's order-tracking abilities, boosting client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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Written by
Dean Spooner
Published on
November 1, 2023


Nowadays, consumers demand transparency and real-time updates, especially in the logistics sector. A sector where the pace of information is just as critical as the pace of delivery. Recognising the increasing need for visibility, a prominent logistics company faced the challenge of modernising their operations to keep up with these consumer expectations.

To address this challenge, SovTech stepped in with their expertise in tracking software development, crafting a solution that would close the gap between the company's capabilities and the market's demands.


The logistics company's outdated systems left clients in the dark about their orders. Without an intuitive way to track shipments, customer dissatisfaction grew. This challenge was compounded as the service team was inundated with repetitive order inquiry calls, stretching their bandwidth and reducing operational efficiency.

SovTech's Agile Approach

Agile methodology, at its core, champions adaptability, customer collaboration, iterative progress, and rapid response to change. Here's how SovTech embedded these principles:

  1. Iterative Development: SovTech broke the development process into smaller cycles, or 'sprints'. After each sprint, a functional product was reviewed and tested, ensuring that any feedback was immediately incorporated into the next cycle.
  2. Client Collaboration: SovTech maintained a close relationship with the logistics company throughout the development process. Regular check-ins and reviews ensured the evolving solution remained in alignment with the client's objectives.
  3. Adaptability: As the development progressed, SovTech's team remained open to changing requirements. This flexibility ensured that any emerging needs or challenges were promptly addressed.
  4. Continuous Feedback: Through continuous integration and regular stakeholder reviews, SovTech ensured that the solution was not only functional but also user-friendly and aligned with the logistics company's brand identity.

By truly embracing the agile approach, SovTech ensured that the mobile app solution was developed collaboratively, responsively, and with the end user's needs at the forefront.

The Solution 

SovTech's response was developing a state-of-the-art mobile application enabling real-time order tracking. This app, equipped with user-friendly interfaces, displayed current order statuses, previous updates, and even potential future status changes.

Customers were now empowered with estimated time of arrival notifications sent directly to their devices. The immediate impact? A drastic reduction in inbound calls and a significant boost in customer satisfaction, as they now had a transparent system that eliminated order uncertainty.


In the rapidly evolving logistics landscape, staying ahead of customer expectations is paramount. SovTech's tailored solution for the logistics company not only addressed an immediate need but also set the foundation for future innovations.

By focusing on client-centric solutions, businesses can elevate their service offerings, fostering trust and loyalty among their user base.

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