The Need For Businesses To Continuously Optimise Processes

January 9, 2023
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The Need For Businesses To Continuously Optimise Processes

The Need For Businesses To Continuously Optimise Processes

Every business organisation will operate a number of key processes that directly influence profitability and customer value. Whenever these processes fall out of step with business information systems, sub-optimal performance results with immediate consequences on profits.
Most traditional IT software systems do not allow for continuous fine-tuning of systems to match evolving processes. In today’s fast changing business and customer environments, we know that companies need to place high focus on innovation. Innovation, in turn, naturally leads to changes in current processes. Adaptive software, which allows for cost and time effective changes to the software, has become the software of choice for any business.

Achieving operational excellence

The continuous optimization of processes is important to all businesses. Even with modern business information systems and sophisticated business intelligence tools, making sense of processes and fine tuning their alignment to resources is not easy, and often impossible with legacy systems or off the shelve/ cloud software products. An adaptive business information environment gives managers the power to adapt processes.

The high cost of custom software

Legacy systems not only require large capex spend and extensive development timelines, but as it doesn’t not allow for fine tuning of the system – there is a high opportunity cost associated with not being able to integrate new innovation quickly in current processes.

However good your core business systems, there’s always a need for fine-tuning

Enterprise business systems aren’t built to change. So when your business experiences changing circumstances, the consequences can lead to weak points in processes that harm profitability. Adaptive software empowers business analysts to respond immediately to address discontinuities between business processes and the information systems that serve them.

Adaptive software – Robust, yet Nimble

There is a new solution for software systems. Platform based, cloud development tools are robust when it comes to security, backup and custom functionality yet allows for fast updates and fine-tuning. The increase of speed with which changes can be made translates into a much more cost-effective solution.

AgileTrust – Adaptive Software

SovTech makes use of our AgileTrust platform to build custom software for clients. This development methodology not only allows for continuous fine tuning of processes but also has the following benefits:

  • Fast time to market
  • Iterative development
  • Cloud and hybrid deployment
  • High level security
  • On-going support

IT should assist your business in its objectives and help propel your business forward, not hold back the effect innovation can have on profitability. Adaptive software is the software should be the software of choice for all companies.
Danelle Ehlers
COO – SovTech

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