Fincheck Integrates With Financial Service Providers

Fincheck Integrates With Financial Service Providers To Create MyFincheck Finances

Luke Hunt
April 5, 2023
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Fincheck Integrates With Financial Service Providers To Create MyFincheck Finances

Fincheck, a financial services and loan comparisons site, recently announced it’s personal financial management tool, MyFincheck Finances. The MyFincheck Finances tool aims to make South Africans more financially savvy and improve their financial health. Through Fincheck’s integration with 127 financial service providers your personal financial data can be managed under one dashboard, everything from your current credit score to your cash flow and transactions.

Fincheck’s integration with financial service providers, allows for an easy and secure link between your bank account and your own personal finance dashboard. Security has not been compromised with bank level security around your personal and banking information. The Features of Fincheck’s financial management tool include, one free credit score check and four more automated checks that occur quarterly.

The credit check can be conveniently downloaded in PDF format should you wish to use it to apply for a loan or lease. The dashboard provides you with data of your assets, liabilities and your networth. The tool also shows your exact transaction history with the option to edit the category you would associate your transaction with. An important feature of the MyFincheck Finances tool is that it prompts users to save more as it recalls how much you have saved to date.The status of your loans is easily accessible with the MyFincheck Finances tool, revealing your current loan situation and the amount you are indebted for.

The SovTech development team was able to get the personal financial tool up and running in just ten weeks, when asked about the integration and how difficult this was to achieve, Gina Bergh, project manager for the development project revealed, “Whilst the project was driven by tight deadlines and included great complexity we are very happy with the outcome of MyFinances. The tool has proven to be very powerful for users, and while the development process proved to be tricky at times, this is what we strive for – to create beautiful, intuitive applications which provide everyday insights to the user base. We look forward to building out more elements of the tool, turning it into your go-to financial insights application.”

Fincheck’s co-founder and CEO, Michael Bowren reveals why the Financial management tool will assist South Africans in becoming financially savvy, “South Africa is understood to be a country of net borrowers rather than net savers. Fincheck is going to assist it’s users in comparing and finding their best loan, savings account, credit card or investment option. MyFincheck categorises the users incomes and expenses so they can quickly and easily see where they are spending their money. Fincheck does not compromise on security and has placed bank level security measures in place in order to protect the users information.”

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Fincheck is an online financial and loan comparison website for South Africa at large. We gather and organise all cost information from South Africa’s big banks and smaller micro lenders. This is to make your financial decisions – as everyday South African citizens – easier through simple-to-use financial and loan comparison calculators.

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