SovTech's Hackathon 2023

Gerald Neves
June 18, 2023
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An Exciting start to SovTech's Hackathon 2023: AI in Africa

The first weekend of June 2023, SovTech hosted our annual 24 hour hackathon. This year was focused on building Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups to solve problems in Africa. Over 250+ software professionals came together for a full day of intense work, creativity, collaboration and fun. The results were mind blowing.

The theme of Hatch23’s hackathon was to build AI solutions that address key challenges in Africa in a commercial way, such as, improving access to healthcare, enhancing agriculture and food security, providing personalised education opportunities, enabling energy efficiency, and widening access to legal and financial services. Cross functional teams were formed at 7am and the participants, starting from scratch, then had 24 hours to conceptualise, design, and build their AI solutions including full product, project, sales, marketing, financial and operational execution.

Throughout the event, teams had access to SovTech's world-class AI infrastructure and technologies to support their work. Mentors and industry experts were also on hand to provide guidance on machine learning, AI APIs, business plans, growth strategies and product roadmaps. After 24 hours of determination and focus, each team presented their concept and prototype to a panel of judges.

The Startup Teams


Turning long & boring PDF's into short & valuable

learning programs for all industries using a LLM.

Ozzy Assist

An AI-powered healthcare web app that uses artificial intelligence

to provide basic medical diagnosis and health education.


AI powered learning app that bridges

the gap between school and life.


Providing data-driven software product scoping prediction

and deadline forecasting engine using AI.

Candlelight Cuisine

Using AI to scan your fridge and cupboard to calculate

what you can cook before load shedding kicks in.


Leveraging AI to transform education in Africa through personalised learning experiences that engage, empower and inspire students to reach their potential.


AI tool powering grocery price comparison search

and predicting promotions to save users money.

MP Health

A WhatsApp health chat bot offering symptom diagnosis

via AI for a cholera, TB and Water borne illnesses.


A Machine Learning model that allows farmers to scan a cow with a mobile phone camera and predict foot and mouth disease with 95%+ accuracy.


An AI story telling tool that generates a never ending personalised story for parents and therapists to read to kids with Austin's Spectrum Disorder.


AI based contract generation for land lords and

building owners to save on attorney fees.

Using AI to provide real time Coding feedback

to teach and educate coders in Africa.


An AI chat bot that scans South African legal docs to help companies

and employees answer HR related legal questions quickly.


Using AI to show what nutritional foods could be

eaten with available cheap ingredients.


AI-powered Virtual Stylist app designed to celebrate

and empower the vibrant fashion culture of Africa.

Overall, the SovTech hackathon demonstrated how artificial intelligence can be applied to solve meaningful problems across industries and technology use cases. The event also highlighted the opportunity for SovTech technologists around the world to use their skills to benefit and empower under-served communities in interesting ways. No doubt the solutions developed over the 24 hours of this hackathon are just the start of big innovations to come in applying AI to all aspects of business and technology on the African continent.

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