SovTech acquires MACS Software

SovTech acquires UK logistics software development company MACS Software

March 1, 2023
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SovTech acquires UK logistics software development company MACS Software

MACS Software, one of the UK’s top independent providers of warehouse management services, has been bought out by SovTech, an innovative custom software development company. Because of SovTech’s long-standing business relationship with MACS Software, the company was acquired in November 2021 with the goal of accelerating the company’s growth trajectory.

With SovTech’s decade of software engineering experience and MACS Software’s tech involvement  in the global logistics business, this partnership allows for the marriage of extensive expertise, to open the door to tech-driven growth for both parties.

Both companies are driven by developing long-term client relationships, adjusting to the ever-changing tech market, and staying ahead of the growth curve by making smart, predictive decisions.

“SovTech has the ability to accelerate the growth of MACS Software into the cloud, and we are enthusiastic about teaming with a team that has a 30 year track record of producing world-class software to their devoted clients,” said Gerald Neves, CEO of SovTech.

About SovTech

SovTech is a leading custom software development company, offering funded start-ups and enterprise businesses a complete software design and development solution.

SovTech believes that Silicon Valley technologies are the growth catalyst for any future business, and as a result, its global expertise, combined with years of development experience, has enabled its clients to launch, run, and build world-class digitised businesses. The company makes use of its wide connections to African development centres to implement a variety of cutting-edge software solutions. Their expertise lie in Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Custom Software Development, Software Maintenance and Software Outsourcing.

About MACS Software

MACS Software is an independent software firm specialising in the development, implementation, and support of flexible and efficient Warehouse Management Systems for a variety of industries. MACS Software configures its key products using developing technology to ensure that each customer’s needs are met. Their clients benefit from decreased costs and better earnings. By embracing innovative technology and honest collaborations, their objective is to be recognised as a leading independent provider of warehouse management systems.

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