SovTech Provides Mentor Support At Google LaunchPad

SovTech Provides Mentor Support At Google LaunchPad

Alexis van Schalkwyk
January 9, 2023
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SovTech Provides Mentor Support At Google LaunchPad

This week SovTech was lucky enough to help out the Google Africa team with mentoring some up-and-coming startups in the African Tech scene at Jozihub this past week. “Google Launchpad” is a 1-week problem-solving bootcamp for early stage startups focused on subjects including product strategy, UX and UI, technology, marketing and business developments. 20 mentors from across the globe are carefully selected to match these specific skills that the startups in each region need to succeed.

1 in 9 Teams Made It Into The Google Launchpad Program

Of the 170 startups that applied to the Google Launchpad Johannesburg program, 20 are finally let through the gates and attend the grueling 1 week program. The goal of this bootcamp is to provide startups with actionable, in-person mentoring to help them tackle critical growth and scale challenges. Gerald Neves and Jamie Chennells were excited to transfer their knowledge in these power-up sessions and see what critical crossroads they could help unravel in order to help propel success.

Each day of the bootcamp is be dedicated to a specific subject and includes presentations, one on one mentorship and instructor-led workshops. Participating startups leave with four key take-aways: an improved product strategy, an optimized Minimum Viable Product, a technical excellence plan and a viable digital marketing strategy. What’s great is that these sorts of aspects align with many of what clients come to SovTech in order to achieve in their path to optimization.

Familiar Faces Put To The Test

SovTech was also lucky enough to see a few startup teams they recognized, most notably Rooster Mornings – a team that SovTech helped get to MVP stage in order to raise their next round of funds. Versofy, another local supply-chain-stirring startup that the SovTech team spends time with advising in Johannesburg, was also in attendance being put through their paces.

Other notable teams we were able to spend time with included:

  • HouseMe – a rental platform that connects dream tenants (via a mobile app) to verified landlords. Team here really scaling at speed and great to see some global potential.
  • Vibescout – Updated daily events and activities wherever you are. A fast moving duo already overtaking 80% of competitors in 4 months of rapid automated growth.
  • Mowash – A team reinventing the process behind car washes. Why should a car wash cost you time?
  • Pet Hero – Ecomerce startup taking your dogs and cats lives to the next [convenient and organized] level – Great to see some niche fields emerging to take on the big guys.

SovTech appreciates the opportunity to give back to the African Tech community, and thanks all those involved in putting the event together. The Google team as well as the Jozihub team do a lot for Johannesburg, and it shouldn’t o unnoticed. We are firm believers that Technology will be Africa’s liberator.  If you’re thinking your idea has the legs to stand on and is solving real-world problems, be sure to take a look at our Ventures Division – an innovative venture capital incubator and facilitator of new businesses.

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