Enterprise Collaboration: In The Cloud

January 9, 2023
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Enterprise Collaboration: In The Cloud

Enterprise Collaboration: In The Cloud, Mobile & Social

Enterprise collaboration (EC) is important now more than ever to drive efficiency and productivity. Documents drive business: proposals, presentations, contracts, employee contracts, SLA’s, lease agreements, subscription agreements, the list is endless. Allowing your employees to collaborate on documents in a safe secure online space is the simplest way to get with the new “Cloud” software generation.

Information technology can greatly expand communication, overall collaboration, knowledge sharing and, by extension, our capacity for discovery and innovation. But for now, collaboration on such a scale is largely powered by e-mail and websites. Web conferencing, instant messaging, and shared work spaces, too, are available either as technology solutions or online services. These tools remain fairly fragmented and still don’t unleash the full potential of collaboration on an enterprise scale.

What people require is an collaboration platform that combines the power of social networking, content creation, and real-time communications and project management. Employees need to quickly connect with the people, content and resources they need to get their work done. They need a way to break down organizational silos with easier collaboration across departments, geographies, and even other enterprises.

Well-designed collaboration systems simplify the communication process, which has grown more complex for employees at many companies due to the expansion of remote and global work environments, the accelerated pace of business operations and the rapidly increasing amounts of data that workers have to contend with. In a collaboration system, business users can trade knowledge, store and exchange files, create and jointly modify documents, and interact with each other in real time in collaborative workspaces.

New realities like outsourcing, off-shoring and remote working require businesses to work with distributed teams, vendors, partners and clients. On the other hand, business is increasingly information driven and ‘social’ which necessitates a greater need for communication, collaborative teamwork and information exchange. This underlines the importance of collaboration technology for running an efficient business.

Valuable knowledge should be shareable across the organization and captured in one highly secure, centralized location.

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