DEV CHAT: Introducing Ignite-React-App

DEV CHAT: Introducing Ignite-React-App

Alexis van Schalkwyk
January 9, 2023
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DEV CHAT: Introducing Ignite-React-App

Every week at SovTech HQ our rock-star software developers and engineers meet up to discuss code, share information on a unique passion project and drop insight on the hottest tech trends in the industry. These DEV CHATS, as we like to refer to them, not only help ensure best practice across all our projects but they also inspire innovative thinking and help generate fresh ideas for progressive tech development.

This past week, our Full Stack JavaScript Developer, Blessing Jonamu, shared some code he’s developed to help solve a common React problem. Check it out below:

Like many JavaScript developers I’ve fallen in love with React and React Native. Lately, I have been working more on mobile apps and I’ve been enjoying using the Ignite CLI.

“The hottest CLI for React Native, boilerplates, plugins, generators, and more!”

The Problem

For most of my days, I have to move between developing mobile apps and web apps, and often I find I have to create the same app for web and mobile. Having a similar structure for web and mobile would be a huge benefit here and would make moving between the two much smoother. I started to think if there was a way to do that because I wasn’t quite happy with the numerous React boilerplates that are out there.

However, I have always been a huge fan of create-react-app. Create react app is minimalist, which I love, and is of course created by the creators of React, Facebook. Many developers that I’ve come across do not like create-react-app because of its minimalist approach, which requires you to have to build the app structure from scratch every time. This is a valid point which got me thinking if it was possible to create a boilerplate off of create-react-app?!

The Solution

After some hours of research and finding some not so great solutions, I came across Chris Patty’s article Extending create-react-app to make your own app generator.

I loved the idea of creating my own cli. The result of this exercise was ignite-react-app. I hope you guys love it. I’m currently looking for backers and planning to expand it to do more.

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