Agile Scrum Teams

Agile Scrum Teams

Alexis van Schalkwyk
December 6, 2023
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Agile Scrum Teams

The IT industry stands out from other industries in many notable ways. People and ideas move fast, and as a result, tech experts must adapt and react quickly to remain relevant and competitive. In agile software development, one of the most reputable frameworks is scrum. This agile methodology requires agile scrum teams to acknowledge and commit themselves to learn throughout the product development journey. Agile scrum team development is all about providing maximum value to the client. Read on to learn more.

Scrum Roles and Responsibilities in Software Development

The techniques employed by scrum are now more popular than ever before and are considered by many to be vital before starting any agile development project. This explains why the demand for scrum masters and other scrum professionals has increased. Scrum is a précised framework and is comprised of many roles, including the scrum master, product owner, the scrum team, and the stakeholders.

The Scrum Master

This is the top dog in every organisation. The scrum master creates a conducive environment for the scrum team to successfully complete projects. In short, the scrum master guides, teaches, and facilitates scrum practices to all those participating in the project.

The Product Owner

This is the person responsible for ensuring that the maximum business value for the project is achieved. This person is also responsible for expressing all customer requirements. This means that he or she represents the voice of the client.

Scrum Team

The main responsibility of the scrum team is to understand the clients’ requirement, which should be conveyed clearly by the product owner. The scrum team works diligently to create the deliverables of the project.


This is a collective team that includes customers, sponsors, and users, all of whom are in constant contact with the scrum team and they play an important role in influencing the project’s development.

Benefits of Using the Scrum Methodology

As a leading global practice in software development, scrum methodology has several benefits for the companies, agile teams, services, and products. Some of its benefits include:

Better Quality of Product Development

By using scrum, you will help generate the desired methodology for developing complex products in the simplest way. Your software team will receive real-time input and feedback from your customers, which will make updating the system when required so much more effortless. What’s more, this will create room for improvement of the product.

High ROI

Scrum decreases the time to deliver projects to the market. While slight mistakes can cost you heavily, it can be easy to remunerate them. In case of failure, it will occur at a fast rate and give you the opportunity to save on costs that you may need to fix the damage.

Faster Delivery of Projects

Unlike traditional methodologies, scrum enables about 40 percent faster delivery of projects to customers. This is possible because any needed changes are executed immediately, as soon as the tester receives information on what needs to be done.

Why Scrum

The scrum methodology is simple, and the rules, roles, events, and artefacts are easy to understand. Considering all the benefits that the scrum methodology brings, SOVTECH follows this approach in all its projects. Therefore, if you’re looking for a scrum team, contact us today!

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