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Our story

Every person we hire ignites another person potential

Our 1 for 1 initiative is a stride towards empowering the next generation of developers. For each professional we hire, we train an aspiring software developer, blending our teams growth with nurturing new talent in the tech industry.

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Partnership with purpose

Our 1-for-1 initiative extends beyond training. We collaborate with tech leaders, educational institutions, and non-profits to ensure our trainees are exposed to diverse opportunities and where possible, time in real environments that may have previously been out of reach. It's often the smallest moments that change someone's life- the smallest glimpse of hope that inspires the next generation of change-makers.

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Our approach

Learning has changed

We don't expect a degree for people who show true passion for tech, and as such aren't sponsoring degrees. This is tech - learning is free if you know what to do. We aim to share what we know wand where we learnt it with the talent in our program.
Learning innovation
The way the world learns has changed. University? Not everyone can afford it. We're helping drive new learning through our 1 for 1 program.
Building the community
We're building a supportive network of professionals and learners who can help each other unlock potential across the continent.
Inspiring more tech professionals
Our program isn't just about skills - inspiration counts too! Part of the program is exposure to real-world environments, with help from some SovTech Heroes.
Through our program, we hope to bring more diverse thinking from more backgrounds online, embracing a diverse range of perspectives and skills.
Sustainable impact
If we can get 1 person into a tech job, we unlock exponential value for their surrounding family and community.
World-wide tech impact
If we can make people beyond our employees better, at a scale that has the ability to change the continent, the world becomes a better place.

Don't just take our word for it

This is what our team has to say.


Product design
"As a Product Designer I wish someone had told me more about what I could be doing earlier in my life, and showed me some of the ways back then! I'm excited to help bring online more Product designers in this world."


Quality assurance lead
"Quality Assurance, often known as the Red Team, is underrated! Without the people in QA, more experiences around the world would be average as opposed to amazing. I think the world needs more QA's, and I'm here to help make that happen at scale.


Software engineer
"Joining SovTech has been the greatest career decision I’ve ever made. The environment is supportive and collaborative, with a focus on open communication and transparency. I hope I can help more people across the continent end up at companies like this."


Software engineer
"It's been over a year since I was granted an opportunity to work at SovTech and I'm still happy, there's a lot to learn and variety of tech stack to work with... it is a great environment & culture, and superb people."


Software engineer
"This once-junior developer has become a seasoned pro, a master of their craft, and a beloved member of the Sovtech family. May your code always be clean, your bugs always be few, your coffee cup always be full and keep an arsenal of memes to break the tension."


Software engineer
"I joined SovTech as a fresh computer science graduate with little experience in the software industry. However, my time at SovTech has been nothing short of exceptional. The company culture is inclusive, supportive, and collaborative, which made the transition from a student to a professional software developer seamless."

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