Why SovTech?

Business Software. Sorted.

SovTech helps businesses scale with our cloud-based engineering subscription platform, offering consistent, cost-effective software development, expert teams and reliable developer analytics.
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Why Sovtech?

We offer reliable, cost effective, and scalable software development services

We are a custom software company that, like any great tech start-up, was founded in a garage.

SovTech has now grown to more than 350+ of the best software engineering experts, building world-class platforms for growing businesses, agencies and enterprises across four cities on three continents.

Our mission

To become Earth's leading software company from Africa. We believe great software is the perfect combination of artistry, engineering and people.

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About us

What makes SovTech unique?

By choosing SovTech you are choosing scalability, flexibility, and reliability from a tech-agnostic, proudly African software company with 13 years of trailblazing delivery.

Innovative subscription model

SovTech stands out in the global tech landscape by blending African innovation with a subscription-access model to custom software. This model provides businesses with scalable, cost-effective solutions and the flexibility to adapt to market demands. Our decade-long journey from a garage start-up to a leader in software development showcases our commitment to excellence and growth.

Headquartered in South Africa, we operate across three continents, harnessing the expertise of over 350+ top-tier tech talent. Our diverse team fosters a culture of disruptive thinking and technical excellence, enabling us to deliver tailor-made, cutting-edge solutions that empower our clients to lead in their respective industries.

Global expertise, local talent

We are not just creating software; we are building partnerships for the future, leveraging advanced technologies like AI, cloud computing, IoT, and machine learning. Our approach ensures that clients receive not only reliable and efficient software development but also strategic insights to drive digital transformation and global success.

Choosing SovTech means investing in a future where technology and African talent converge to offer cost-effective, reliable software solutions, accessible through our flexible subscription model. We are committed to advancing the tech ecosystem in Africa and beyond, making us the ideal partner for organisations looking to scale and thrive in the digital age.

Our talent radar

Our tech talent distribution

Our reach of top technical talent across the African continent.
We promote a dynamic mix of technical expertise, innovative thinking, and cultural diversity.
Our focus 
We drive growth while offering cost-effective solutions.
Looking for the most value for money software development?
Join over 400+ companies already growing with SovTech.
Sovtech's services

Aligning our service offerings to your unique business needs

From growth-focused companies, to agencies and enterprises, our services are catered to ensure your business is equipped with the best in custom software. Each service offers unique use cases to suit your current or future development needs.

Premium teams

Our premium teams deliver end-to-end development of custom software solutions to solve your business problems. This service is done in-house and ensures your software scales with your business. We maintain open communication through Slack, monthly reports, and real-time tracking on our Analytics platform.

This is ideal for companies who lack in-house development capabilities or need expert development done on a project, offering access to experienced tech talent including business analysts, designers, developers, and more, tailored to your resource selection and allocation needs.

Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation offers you on-demand access to over 8000+ vetted tech experts who integrate seamlessly into your company culture. These experts have a proven track record and come with a replacement guarantee if your expert doesn’t perform.

This is ideal for companies who need to enhance their internal teams with tech talent, offering fast hiring cycles, expertise in the software development lifecycle, and a customise hiring process.

Developer analytics

SovTech analytics is a developer analytics platform for tracking DORA metrics within software development lifecycles. This offers operational insights into development teams in real-time, ensuring accurate targets and data-driven decision making. The platform allows for integrations with development tools you already use as well as training capabilities.

This is ideal for companies looking to track development output and developer productivity so you can ensure improved processes, faster engineering onboarding and increased development velocity.

Sovtech spex

Our values and principles

Growing a business is team work. At SovTech, our values influence every decision we make.
We don’t value perfection over moving fast.
We are partners to our customers. We don’t expect to exist and realise we only do because of our clients.
We get things done. We don’t value how something is done only that it is.
We don't apologise for holding strong opinions and doing something about them.
We work with people we like. We don’t hire assholes even if they can do the job the best.
Just like your seat, these Spex will change. We think if we are not willing to change then we will die.
We value growth. We don't value effort over achievement.
We don’t believe that tech can’t solve everything and change the world.
We are proud to be a world-class, global company.
Looking for the most value for money software development?
Join over 400+ companies already growing with SovTech.

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