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Get reliable, cost effective, and scalable software solutions specifically designed for growth-focused businesses, agencies and enterprises in the tech industry.
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why choose sovtech?

Cost-effective solutions for businesses in the financial services

Secure and compliant solutions
Scalable software development that guarantees top-tier security and adherence to regulatory compliance, in a landscape where security is paramount.
Scalable integration, advanced tech
Harness the power of cutting edge technology with solutions designed for seamless scalability and integration with your existing systems.
Navigate regulations with ease
Tackle complex regulatory challenges confidently with software engineered to simplify compliance. Our expertise in navigating financial regulations translates into platforms that keeps you ahead of legal complexities.
ROI-focused development
Our fintech applications are designed with a focus on maximising return on investment, combining innovative features with cost efficiency.
Benefits for your business

Development teams to scale your business with cost-effective & reliable service

Fixed monthly fees
Predictable monthly billing allows you to plan ahead, ensuring no surprises along the way.
No upfront fees
Our subscription packages allow for cost-effective, monthly payments to be made with no hidden fees.
Start 3x faster
The global average time to hire a development team is 9-weeks. With SovTech, you will kick off from 21-days.
Dedicated resources
Comprised of Africa's top engineers, designers, QA testers and business analysts.
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Their willingness to go beyond what is required and technical expertise and advise resulted in a world class product that we are extremely proud to take to market.
— Jenny Theunissen
Product manager, Bankserv Africa
why choose sovtech?

The most cost effective software development for financial services companies

Growth-ready platforms
Our banking and financial platforms are designed to scale effortlessly with your institution’s growth, accommodating increased user numbers and transaction volumes.
Flexible infrastructure
We incorporate scalable cloud infrastructures and micro-services architecture to support the expanding needs of financial services.
Adaptable infrastructure
Cloud solutions offer financial institutions the flexibility to scale services and manage resources efficiently.
Cost-effective scalability
Cloud-based models allow for cost-effective scaling, with pay-as-you-go models that align with business growth.

Use cases for custom software development

Development of fintech applications like mobile banking and digital wallets
SovTech specialises in fintech software development, enabling financial institutions to create secure and user-friendly mobile banking apps, digital wallets, and payment solutions.
Implementation of blockchain for secure transactions and record-keeping
Custom blockchain solutions can ensure the integrity and security of financial transactions and data, addressing key compliance and trust issues in the financial sector.
Custom risk management and fraud detection systems
SovTech's custom software can help financial firms develop advanced risk management tools and fraud detection systems, safeguarding their clients' financial assets.
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Join over 400+ companies already growing with SovTech.


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