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Growing businesses need development capacity without having to hire inflexible, internal employees. Support your business growth with flexible, cost-effective resources as an extension of your team.

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Over 400+ companies worldwide rely on us.
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Why outsource your software development?

Outsourcing allows your business to fulfil your software requirements using a company that specialises in software development.
Outsourcing with SovTech ensures that the correct planning procedures are followed and legal compliance is managed correctly.
Our extensive experience in software development outsourcing means that we can guarantee the standards and continuity of the teams we provide for your business.
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Expert software across global industries​

Bespoke and innovative software tailored to your industry and business needs.
SovTech fintech


A mobile app that assists with graduate recruitment programmes to organise and deliver information from candidates and allows for mentorship opportunities.
SovTech  agritech


A mobile application that enables farmers to find, rent and pay for specialised equipment with a payment solution to ease cash flow challenges.
SovTech travel tech


A custom build platform that allow users to tour their favourite holiday destination at the comfort of their own home.
SovTech blockchain


A custom platform to introduce traceability into supply chain ethics and sustainability through the use of blockchain technology.
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Managed team structure

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A skilled software developer who writes, debugs and executes the source code of a software application.
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A dedicated facilitator for your Agile Scrum team. They manage the process of how information is exchanged.
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Project owners are responsible for operative tasks such as analysing data, preparing reports, tracking metrics and documentation.
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Business analysts are responsible for analysing a business as well as documenting its processes, assessing its model and integrations with technology.
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Quality assurance is responsible for continuous auditing and analysing the development cycle against deliverables.

Don't take our word for it

Here's what our global clients have to say.
Five stars

A world-class product

“SovTech is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Their willingness to go beyond and technical expertise and advise resulted in a world class product that we are extremely proud to take to market.
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Product Manager
Five stars

I have been very impressed with SovTech

“Having worked on many projects with dev teams, SovTech’s approach is one of professionalism, efficiency, expertise and deep consideration for each project."
Managing Director
Five stars

SovTech is a highly innovative partner

“The Fincheck team has worked closely with SovTech over the last two years. We chose to work with SovTech based on their initial build with speed and quality. ”
Five stars

SovTech helped bring our ideas to life

“One word to sum it all up: Determination. It's been such a pleasure moving through teams who have the same determination to get us up and running, tested and deployed. ”
Five stars

SovTech is fantastic

“Really excited- I can’t wait to see the platform being used. The pressure is now on the engineering team to deliver! I’m delighted, I think SovTech is fantastic! ”
Project Lead
Five stars

Project planning was straight forward

“My project planning was straight forward, and all deliverables were discussed and planned out properly. I will be moving forward to engage SovTech for projects.”
Votex system
Managing Director
Votex Systems
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Custom software development

SovTech is an award-winning, end-to-end custom software development company that designs, builds, deploys and maintains mobile and web applications.
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Software development

Project Managers vs. Project Owners in SovTech

The traditional Project Manager is responsible for leading a project from the start till the end, which includes planning, execution and delivering the project on time, in Scope and in budget and helping the team. The traditional Project Manager is a leader, a decision-maker, and a planner who manages the project.
February 1, 2024
1 mins read
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