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iKUE’s All in One Data Collection Platform

Discover how SovTech revolutionised iKUE's telecom data services, enhancing operational efficiency and setting new standards in user-centric data solutions.

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Written by
Dean Spooner
Published on
December 19, 2023


iKUE, a trailblazer in the telecommunications sector, has established itself as a critical provider of real-time, user-centric data location services. Operating primarily within the UK market, iKUE’s unique selling proposition lies in its ability to aggregate and provide data to marketers in the telecom industry. 

Since its inception in June last year, iKUE has been focused on delivering personalised experiences to its clients, leveraging cutting-edge technology to collect and process user data. The platform is designed as a one-stop solution, offering telco companies valuable insights into user behaviours and preferences, which in turn, drive targeted marketing strategies. iKUE’s mission is not only to streamline data collection but also to transform this data into actionable intelligence for telecom businesses, setting a new standard in how telco data is utilised for market advantage.

Client’s Challenges

iKUE is proactively addressing opportunities for improvement in the consistency of their client-facing applications.

SovTech standardised iKUE's client applications, ensuring uniform functionality and user experience across all platforms. This was achieved through standardisation across web development.

Different development approaches were being used with multiple development houses. This presented an opportunity to centralise everything as iKUE scaled.

SovTech coordinated efforts between different development teams, including Ultron and Skyway, to align strategies and methodologies. This included overhauling and modernising the existing system model, enhancing efficiency and scalability.

There's an opportunity to enhance efficiency through the implementation of a centralised application system.

The assigned team developed a centralised application system for every tenant, enhancing operational efficiency and easing management tasks.

There was a requirement for development in both the frontend and backend areas.

Our development teams spearheaded the development of both frontend and backend, ensuring a cohesive and integrated software structure.

There was a requirement for advanced data visualisation to facilitate better understanding and analysis of complex information.

A robust visualisation feature for the database was developed, enabling better data interpretation and decision-making.

The transition from C-Sharp to Java was necessary.

Key features were migrated from C-sharp to Java, aligning with team expertise and ensuring continuity in development.

Project Approach

1. Initial Analysis and Project Scoping

SovTech conducted a detailed analysis of iKUE's systems, focusing on platform functionalities, data characteristics, and client expectations. This scoping phase identified key areas for improvement and defined a clear project roadmap.

2. Resource Allocation and a Customised Team

A dedicated team was meticulously crafted, featuring three developers, a QA specialist, and a project manager, with a skill set carefully balanced to address all project aspects. This team was customised to specific requirements, and resource allocations were adeptly adjusted as necessary.

3. Collaborative Development with Multiple Houses

Acknowledging the participation of other development houses (Ultron and Skyway), SovTech fostered a collaborative working environment. This ensured alignment among all teams, resulting in a more cohesive and integrated development process. SovTech plays a pivotal role in this broader industry collaboration to help iKUE achieve its vision.

Our team handled both backend and frontend development for a seamless user experience. Backend work focused on system robustness, while frontend aimed for user-friendliness. Additionally, the data from the legacy system was successfully migrated with minimal disruption.

4. Iterative Development Process

SovTech adopted an iterative approach to the development of the web application, one of the various components involved in the project. This approach allowed for continuous feedback and refinements, ensuring that the end product was closely aligned with iKUE’s needs. Regular iterations also facilitated the smooth integration of new features and functionalities.

5. Quality Assurance and Continuous Testing

Throughout the development process, SovTech’s QA specialist conducted thorough testing to identify and address any potential issues. This continuous testing regime was crucial in ensuring the reliability and performance of the new system.

6. Training, Deployment, Ongoing Support & Future Planning

SovTech facilitated training sessions for iKUE’s staff after development and testing were completed, ensuring they were fully equipped to utilise the new system effectively. The deployment phase was carefully managed to ensure a smooth transition and minimal operational disruption. Following deployment, SovTech provided ongoing support, addressing any emerging challenges and ensuring the system’s optimal performance. Additionally, future planning was initiated to consider potential expansions and enhancements, keeping the system agile and adaptable.

Tech Stack

Admin Portal


  • Angular/NEST


  • Java/Python


  • AWS

The technological backbone of SovTech’s solution for iKUE was carefully chosen to align with the client’s needs and the team’s expertise. The primary languages utilised were Java and Python for backend development, and Angular/NEST for frontend development. This selection was influenced by the need for continuity and developer proficiency. AWS was chosen for hosting, given its robust infrastructure and scalability features, while Terraform was used for infrastructure coding. The use of Java, in particular, was a strategic decision to ensure a seamless continuation of development efforts and to leverage the existing proficiency of both SovTech’s and iKUE’s teams.


SovTech’s solution for iKUE represents a significant stride in enhancing the operational capabilities of a leading player in the telecom industry. By addressing the core challenges of standardisation and centralisation in iKUE’s client-facing applications, SovTech has not only streamlined iKUE’s service delivery but also laid a foundation for future technological advancements. This case study underscores SovTech’s expertise in navigating complex project requirements and delivering tailored solutions that resonate with client objectives and industry-specific challenges.

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