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Front End Lead Engineer

We are searching high and low for our next Front End Lead Engineer to join our world-class team.
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Front End Lead Engineer
The role
What will you be doing?
Skills and experience

Front End Lead Engineer

About the role:

We are searching high and low for our next Front End Lead Engineer to join our world-class team. 

What will you be doing?

  • Participation in team activities such as collaborative development and code reviews
  • Taking Initiative on identifying areas for technical improvements/innovations.
  • Taking part in cross-team activities such as knowledge-sharing and documentation.
  • Coding and developing features for new and existing products to a high technical standard.

Skills and Experience:

  • National Diploma in Information Technology or Equivalent
  • 3 + Experience coding in a modern web stack - Node.js, React, HTML, CSS
  • Experience with Serverless, Terraform, AWS CDK
  • Experience with Git or Bitbucket

What is our Core Tech Stack?

We love modern Full Stack JavaScript and TypeScript! We build almost everything on the Serverless framework with AWS behind the scenes. Working at SovTech allows exposure to:

  • NodeJS
  • GraphQL, REST, OpenAPI Specification
  • ORMs like Prisma, Knex, BookshelfJS and ObjectionJS
  • SQL and NoSQL Databases
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Frontend
  • React (CRA, NextJS, Gatsby)
  • Centralised State Management
  • React Native (Vanilla and Expo)
  • Calling REST + GraphQL APIs
  • Modern UI Libraries
  • CSS-in-JS
  • Tooling
  • Git
  • Bundlers (Webpack, SWC, Esbuild)
  • ESLint, Prettier
  • CI/CD
  • Serverless, Terraform, AWS CDK

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