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Blockchain Engineer

We are looking for an experienced Senior Engineer with experience in DeFi and Blockchain.
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Blockchain Engineer
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Blockchain Engineer

About the role:

We are looking for an experienced Senior Engineer with experience in DeFi and Blockchain that is able to implement software solutions that are tested, maintainable, reliable, and scalable. They’ll be collaborating with other amazing engineers, and take significant ownership and responsibility for the solutions they develop.

We’re small enough that your voice will be heard and big enough to deliver on these ideas at scale. We work with some of the best protocols and scaling solutions on the planet, namely Chainlink and Polygon (as well as quite a few others!).

Technically, we’re working with these technologies:

  • Frontend - React, React Native, Typescript, Next.js, 3rd Party APIs and GraphQL.
  • Backend - Node.JS, Typescript, Apollo GraphQL, AWS and Docker. We use AWS Serverless whenever possible. Our backend engineering team develops architectures that are scalable from day 1, with no single points of failure.
  • Smart Contracts: Primarily the ERC20 stack but across technologies such as Ethereum, Polygon, chainlink etc. 
  • Operations - Our AWS services are fully managed via infrastructure as code. We take cloud security, logging and monitoring seriously and use Bitbucket and Github CI/CD extensively.

As a blockchain engineer, you’ll get to do things like:

  • Write clean, fully-typed code: Across our stack, we make heavy use of TypeScript to keep our code clean, maintainable, and less prone to errors. As a small team, code quality is a top priority, so we maintain high standards for cleanliness and structure.
  • Code smart contracts: We have a couple behind us already but you'll be driving the coding of smart contracts and everything that comes with them. Think OlympusDAO, think leveraging what others have pioneered out there and including in what we push to drive our platforms forward. Living in Web3 is the name of the game, and solidity/JS is your smart contract safe zone. 
  • web3.js and ethers.js libraries: You will use your deep experience working with open source client-side libraries just as the web3 javascript API and ethers javascript API to deploy web3 offerings into a variety of DeFi platforms based around the world. 
  • Our ideal candidate can see the bigger picture and architect both front-end and back-end systems to accomplish product goals. Experience with smart contracts, ERC-20, web3 and ethers.js. While you’ll primarily work with Node.JS / TypeScript, experience in DevOps is a plus.
  • This role is fully remote (with offices optional and available!), though we would prefer this role specifically to be in a timezone where we can have more hours overlap with the European and African team members (CAT) due to the need for frequent communication and collaboration.

Skills and Experience:

  • Smart contract deployments under the belt, whether in production or on testnets
  • 2+ years of experience working with go-ethereum project or fork of it. Alternatively, any other blockchain client
  • Good understanding of blockchain related cryptography (public key, BLS signatures, MACs, etc)
  • Autonomy and ability to design complex systems
  • Passion for growing others
  • BONUS: 2+ years of experience working with Go
  • BONUS: Experience working with low level database programming and systems optimisation
  • BONUS: Experience designing and implementing layer 2 blockchain solutions

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