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We invest in people who can see the future & who work hard to achieve it.

SovTech has a young, dynamic and fast growing team. We’re only looking for outstanding people – those unique individuals who are brilliant, always happy to help, socialise, get involved, work hard, and enjoy what they do! We have a continuous learning culture that allows our people to grow and develop in the opportunities across our various teams.

Technical Focus

Develop industry leading solutions. Openings for UX/UI designers, coders, software engineers, mobile developers, system integrators, product managers and software testers.


Client Focus

Work to deliver the best experience to our valued business clients, from marketing and sales, to business development, partnerships, account management and customer service.


Business Focus

Focus on operating, building and growing our various business units. Various opportunities in management, finance and accounts, administration, HR, IT, project management and operations.

Innovative & Dynamic Team Culture

The beauty about a company such as ours is that we live in an extremely digital space, where flexible and comfortable work can easily be incorporated into your daily workflow. We’re nimble, and leverage modern technology to make our lives easier as we build on top of a culture that keeps people engaged and happy in achieving their goals.
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“It would be easier for me to list the things I don’t like about SovTech, as the list of all the things I do like is too long to go through. One of the things I love most is that SovTech gives you the space to be creative. There are always a number of interesting projects going on so it’s really easy to get involved in something you are passionate about.”

Full Stack Dev

“From the moment I stepped through the door, I felt the vibrant atmosphere hit me like a whirlwind! Friendly faces, different personalities and a wealth of enthusiasm. Sovtech has one of the most exuberant cultures I have ever experienced. Its lead to not only making it an amazing workplace, but the energy contributes to motivating people and allowing individuals to express themselves to design, create and build innovative technologies that set us apart from the rest.”

UI/UX Designer

From the moment I arrived at SovTech I was thrown right into the deep end, and having seen the growth it’s inspired in my skills and career path, it’s been so worth it! Having purpose in your work is key and that’s something I’ve always felt here – whether it’s my role in the business or my contributions to my project teams, I know that I play a key part in getting things done.”

DaaS Product Owner

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